Staff Nurse Jobs in Glasgow

Staff Nurse Jobs in NHS Scotland are highly sought after and competitive. With a rich history of providing high quality healthcare, NHS Scotland is one of the most respected health services in the world. As a result, there are many opportunities for experienced professionals to join the team and make an impact on patient care.

NHS Scotland has around 37,000 staff nurses employed across a wide range of specialisms including mental health, primary care and community nursing. There is also extensive training for staff nurses that cover areas such as research, leadership and management development. Staff nurse jobs in NHS Scotland offer excellent benefits packages with flexible working hours and competitive salaries. Additionally, there are opportunities to take part in career development programmers that can help build professional capabilities.

NHS Scotland:

NHS Scotland is the publicly funded health service of Scotland. It operates a comprehensive range of health services for the people of Scotland, providing everything from general medical services to specialist care and emergency services. NHS Scotland has been in operation since 1948 and is now the largest integrated National Health Service in the world, providing healthcare to over five million people every year.


  • The Glasgow is a great place to start a career as a staff nurse, especially for recent graduates.
  • With an abundance of staff nurse job openings throughout the country, fresh graduates have many opportunities to begin their nursing careers.
  • Staff nurses in the UK provide vital care to patients and can work in hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare settings.
  • A staff nurse job offers excellent salary and benefits along with the satisfaction of helping others.


  • High standards of Professional Practice to ensure quality & safety of patient care, experience & the patient journey
  • Developing own clinical practice, knowledge, skills & experience
  • Acting as a good role model.
  • Be able to administer chemotherapy or undertake training on appointment.
  • As a clinician to embrace and implement the vision and values of NHS.
  • To adhere to Code of Conduct/Professional Standards of your Profession eg NMC.
  • Compassionate, caring about our patients.
  • Respectful for all and show integrity in everything.
  • Accountable and responsible, always looking to improve.
  • To have a clinical knowledge across a range of work practices.
  • To develop & deliver effective, programmed of care, recording, documenting & maintaining these within trust policies
  • £26,104 – £32,915 a year is estimated salary for the role as staff nurse in NHS Scotland.
  • Permanent Job