Resident Engineers Jobs in Forest Hills

Resident engineers jobs in Forest Hills are some of the most sought after positions in the engineering field. These positions offer an incredible opportunity to work on a variety of projects, while being part of a team that is dedicated to making sure all projects meet their goals and deadlines. As a resident engineer, you will be responsible for providing technical guidance and advice throughout the project’s development cycle, as well as ensuring that it meets any public safety or quality standards set by governmental agencies. You may also be asked to provide troubleshooting assistance during construction or maintenance stages.

Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C:

Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C. is a professional engineering firm established in 1986 with offices in New York and Virginia. They specialize in providing engineering design and planning services for land development and construction projects, including geotechnical engineering, survey and mapping, structural engineering, civil/site engineering, and environmental services. The company’s services span a wide range of project types, from residential and commercial building projects to infrastructure and public works projects. They also offer construction monitoring and inspection services. The company is certified by the New York State Department of Transportation and the Virginia Department of Transportation.


  • To qualify for a Resident Engineer job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field and at least five years of professional experience as an engineer.
  • You have some experience in construction or project management.
  • In addition, the successful candidate should possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, superior organizational abilities, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively on projects.
  • Knowledge of applicable safety regulations is also important. Finally, certification as a Professional Engineer may be required by some employers.


  • Resident Engineers working for Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C are responsible for the overall supervision of construction projects from start to finish and must ensure all work meets company standards and municipal regulations.
  • Resident Engineers must have a strong technical background in civil engineering or geotechnical engineering and should have excellent problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of safety protocols.
  • The job duties of a Resident Engineer include conducting inspections of construction sites; preparing progress reports; analyzing surveys; verifying drawings, plans, and specifications; ensuring compliance with regulations; approving changes in design when necessary; revising estimates; coordinating subcontractors’ activities; and providing assistance to other engineers on the project team.
  • Additionally, Resident Engineers must have excellent communication skills in order to effectively communicate with clients, contractors, and other team members.

How to Apply:

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