Research Nurse jobs in Madison

Research Nurse jobs in Madison offer a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to make a difference. Research Nurses play an important role in medical research, providing critical data and collecting vital information that can aid doctors in their diagnoses and treatments. Those looking for Research Nurse jobs in Madison will find positions available at hospitals, clinics, universities, pharmaceutical companies, labs and other research institutions.

Circuit Clinical:

Circuit Clinical is a healthcare technology company that provides tools and infrastructure to help streamline clinical trials. It offers cloud-based software and services for clinical trial sponsors and sites to help manage clinical trial data, ensure patient safety, and comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, Circuit Clinical works with healthcare providers and labs to accelerate clinical trials and bring treatments to market faster.


  • Research nurse jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as current certification and licensure with the state.
  • Additional experience in research or clinical settings may be beneficial for prospective research nurses.
  • Additionally, many employers look for those who have a strong understanding of evidence-based nursing practices and possess excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work with a variety of professionals is also essential for research nurses.
  • These professionals must be able to explain complex medical information in a clear, understandable manner.
  • In addition, they should be open to feedback from other healthcare providers and have strong problem-solving skills.
  • Finally, research nurses are expected to demonstrate respect for patient confidentiality and ethical standards of patient care.
  • They must also be able to handle a wide variety of medical situations with poise and professionalism, and have a thorough knowledge of medical terminology and documentation requirements.
  • These requirements make research nurse jobs ideal for healthcare professionals who understand the importance of evidence-based nursing practices and are willing to take on the challenge of providing the best possible care.
  • With the right qualifications and an understanding of the responsibilities associated with this role, research nurses can contribute significantly to healthcare organizations.

Jobs Duties:

  • Research nurse jobs are important roles in the healthcare industry.
  • They provide a wide range of services to medical researchers and clinical trials, including recruitment of participants; data collection, entry, and analysis; coordinating test materials and personnel resources; monitoring research protocols; providing patient education and counseling; obtaining informed consent; assisting with regulatory compliance activities; overseeing study budgets; and other related duties.
  • Research nurses need to stay current with healthcare developments, industry regulations, and research trends in order to provide the best care for their patients.
  • They must also possess strong communication and organizational skills, as well as a detailed understanding of clinical trial processes.
  • An advanced degree in nursing is often preferred for this role, although some research nurse jobs may be available to those with an associate’s degree.
  • Additionally, all research nurse jobs require a current nursing license and additional certifications related to research may also be necessary.
  • Research nurses play a valuable role in providing quality care and advancing healthcare through their knowledge of medical research and clinical trial processes.