Medical Assistant Jobs in Kailua

Medical Assistants are in high demand in Kailua, Hawaii. With a large number of medical facilities located throughout the area, there is a great opportunity for Medical Assistants to work in a variety of settings. Medical Assistants provide direct patient care and administrative assistance to physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. They help make sure that patients receive the best possible care while also ensuring that healthcare facilities run efficiently.

Adventist Health:

Adventist Health is a growing health care system that is dedicated to providing quality and compassionate care for individuals of all ages. As part of their mission, Adventist Health has embraced the idea of “whole person” health, which involves caring for the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each patient. Their commitment to this philosophy ensures that patients receive integrated and comprehensive services designed to promote optimal well-being.


  • Qualification of Medical Assistant Job is a highly sought after position in the healthcare industry.
  • To become a Medical Assistant, potential candidates must possess a specific set of skills and qualifications that are essential for performing the duties of this job.
  • The education required to be a successful Medical Assistant depends on the type of medical facility you plan to work in, as well as your state’s requirements.
  • It is common for most employers to require at least a high school diploma or equivalent before considering an applicant for this job.
  • Additionally, some employers may prefer applicants to have an associate degree from an accredited program such as Certified Medical Assisting or Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS).
  • An individual seeking qualification can also complete certification programs through organizations like American Association of Medical Assistants which covers topics like coding and billing, human anatomy, medical terminology and more.


  • As a medical assistant, your responsibilities are vast and include both administrative and clinical duties.
  • It is important that you have a good working knowledge of medical terminology, be able to communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals, and be comfortable using various types of medical equipment.
  • As part of your job, you will also be expected to keep accurate records and assist the doctor or nurse during certain procedures.
  • The main responsibility of a medical assistant is to provide patient care in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, physician offices, long-term care facilities, etc.
  • You may be responsible for performing basic tests like taking vital signs or preparing patients for examinations/procedures by providing instructions.
How to Apply?
  • The application process of these jobs is so easy.
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