Legal Specialist Jobs in Lombardy

Legal specialist jobs in Lombardy are becoming increasingly available as the region’s economy grows. Lombardy is the most populous region in Italy and has an economy that is both vibrant and diverse, providing excellent opportunities for legal specialists across a wide range of different industries. Working as a legal specialist in Lombardy can be highly rewarding, both financially and professionally, with competitive salaries and job opportunities available throughout the region.

OPIS s.r.l.:

OPIS s.r.l. is a major Italian manufacturer of industrial equipment and machinery. Founded in 1986, the company has established itself as one of Italy’s leading producers of industrial supplies, with factories located throughout the country and an extensive network of distributors worldwide.

Job Sectors:

Are you looking to work as a legal specialist in Italy? With its vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine, Italy is an ideal location for anyone considering a career change or new job. Whether you are a recent law school graduate or have years of experience in the field, working as a legal specialist in Italy can offer you many professional opportunities.


  • Law Degree
  • Previous experience in Life Sciences is a plus
  • Fluent in English
  • Solid knowledge of GDPR and national data protection laws
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Experience in data protection and legal compliance
  • Result-oriented
  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Team-working oriented
Finding a Legal Specialty Job:

in Italy Finding a job as a lawyer or paralegal in Italy is no easy task. However, if you have the right skills and education, the opportunities for employment are plentiful.

Salary Expectations:
  • The vibrant country of Italy is home to a wide variety of job opportunities, particularly for those with legal backgrounds.
  • The demand for legal specialists in Italy is high due to the ever-changing laws and regulations, making now an ideal time to begin searching for these jobs.
  • For those looking to experience Italian culture while also gaining professional experience, a legal specialist position in Italy can provide this and more.
How to Apply:
  • The application process of this job is so easy.
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