Java Developer Jobs in Brussels

Finding Java developer jobs in Brussels can be a challenging task. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself with the right knowledge and skillset before you start your job search. First, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the Java language, including its syntax and the ability to write code that meets industry standards. You should also be familiar with the various development tools and frameworks used in Java development, such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven and more. Additionally, you’ll need to have experience working with databases and web services.


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In order to be a successful Java developer, an individual must possess certain qualifications and competencies. Qualification of a Java Developer Job will vary from company to company, but the most common requirements include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming concepts such as Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation.
  • Strong understanding of Java concepts such as Threads, Exception Handling, Collections Framework and JDBC.
  • Experience in design patterns such as MVC and Singleton.
  • Ability to use integrated development environments to develop applications with Java.
  • Knowledge of how to debug and troubleshoot Java programs.
  • An understanding of software development lifecycle, such as Agile or Waterfall methodologies.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work with a team.


A Java Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining Java applications. Responsibilities include designing, coding, testing, debugging, and documenting the application and all its related components. The developer must have strong problem-solving abilities to troubleshoot complex issues with the software. They should also have excellent communication skills to work effectively with stakeholders and IT personnel. Responsibilities of a Java Developer Job include:

  • Designing, coding, testing and debugging applications in various software languages such as Java, JavaScript or HTML.
  • Writing efficient and clean code with good documentation skills to make sure your code is understandable by other developers.
  • Developing databases that are optimized for performance and reliability.
  • Managing source code with version control systems such as GIT or SVN.
  • Identifying and resolving software defects, troubleshooting problems and enhancing applications with new features.
  • Collaborating with other developers, designers and system administrators to ensure quality throughout the development life cycle.
  • Implementing best practices and standards when developing software.
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation to be used as a reference for future maintenance.
  • Responsible for any security measures needed in the system, such as encryption or authentication protocols.
  • Working with other members of the team to assess risks associated with various components of the application development process.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the applications performance.
  • Performing unit testing of the software to ensure it meets its design specifications and functions correctly.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging in production, as needed.
  • Collaborating with other teams, such as product owners or designers, to identify user experience needs for improved functionality.
  • Participating in code reviews with team members to ensure quality of the final product.
  • Responsible for deploying and updating applications on production systems.
  • Keeping up-to-date with latest technology trends and best practices, and making recommendations to improve the development process.
  • Assisting in training junior developers and onboarding new team members.
  • Staying current with industry standards and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Supporting post-release/post-implementation activities such as troubleshooting, bug fixing, performance tuning and maintenance.
  • 2900-5400 euro per hour is salary for the role as java developer in Brussels.
  • Full Time
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