Electrical Engineer Jobs in Honolulu

If you’re looking for Electrical Engineer Jobs in Honolulu, then you’ve come to the right place. Honolulu is home to a variety of positions for Electrical Engineers and offers many advantages such as a great cost of living, stunning scenery, and diverse culture. As a Electrical Engineer you will be responsible for developing new electrical systems, conducting tests and measurements, and analyzing existing electrical systems. You will also be responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining, testing and troubleshooting complex electrical components and equipment.

RHA Energy Partners:

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  • An electrical engineer job requires a certain level of qualification, knowledge and aptitude to effectively carry out the responsibilities associated with the role.
  • Qualification can include an associate or bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, but there are also various certifications that may be advantageous for those seeking employment in this field.
  • Electrical Engineer jobs frequently require a degree in Electrical Engineering and many employers prefer candidates to have a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the field.
  • Qualifying certifications include Professional Engineering (PE) certification, which is offered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).
  • Other qualifications that may be beneficial include Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) or Certified Energy Manager (CEM).
  • In addition to educational qualifications, employers may prefer that applicants also have experience working in the field.
  • This could include internships, apprenticeships, and research-based work related to electrical engineering.
  • Having practical experience in the area can help demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge of the subject, as well as their ability to apply it in a real-world setting.


  • Responsibilities of Electrical Engineer Jobs vary depending on the level and type of position.
  • Generally, electrical engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and super Responsibilities of of Electrical Electrical Engineer Engineer Jobs vary depending depending on the type of job and employer.
  • Generally, they are responsible for designing, testing, troubleshooting and and maintaining electrical systems and equipment.
  • They need need to to understand understand the the principles principles of of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to to create effective designs.
  • Electrical Engineers must be familiar with various tools used in their work, such as computer aided design CAD software, circuit simulators and oscilloscopes.
  • They are also expected to stay abreast of industry trends by attending conferences and seminars.
  • In addition, Electrical Engineers must be able to work with other engineers, technicians and support staff.
  • They need excellent communication skills to effectively explain their designs and plans to others.
  • Finally, Electrical Engineers must be detail-oriented and have strong problem-solving abilities in order to find solutions for any issues that arise.
  • $65.7K – $83.2K a year is salary for the role as Senior Electrical Engineer.
  • Full Time