Developer Relations Manager Jobs in Ottawa

Developer Relations Manager Jobs in Ottawa are becoming more and more popular as the city continues to become a technology hub. Developer Relations Managers are responsible for facilitating relationships between developers and the organizations they work with. This could involve providing technical assistance, developing code libraries, attending events, or speaking at conferences. Developer Relations Managers also act as liaisons between developers and other departments within their organization.


CANONICAL is a privately-held software company founded in 2004 by Mark Shuttlesworth with the goal of providing customers with an open source alternative to proprietary, closed-source systems. CANONICAL offers a range of products and services designed to provide users with more choice and flexibility when it comes to their computing environment. CANONICAL also strives to improve upon existing technologies by developing innovative solutions that make using Ubuntu—the company’s flagship product—accessible, secure, and easy-to-use for both individuals and businesses alike. CANONICAL has been lauded for its commitment to openness, transparency, collaboration, and free software principles, which are reflected in the design and development of its products.


  • A Qualification of Developer Relations Manager Job is a specialized position that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise.
  • Qualified candidates must possess strong communication skills, technical understanding, and the ability to build relationships with developers both online and offline.
  • In order to qualify for this role, applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Additionally, experience with web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are essential.
  • Experience working with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is also preferred.
  • Knowledge of coding language frameworks like Java and JavaScript will be beneficial for this job as well.


  • A Developer Relations Manager is responsible for managing the relationship between an organization and its developer community.
  • This role involves identifying and nurturing relationships with influential developers, providing guidance on product development related issues, delivering technical training and presentations, troubleshooting developer issues, and advocating policies that support the best interests of both developers and organizations.
  • This position requires a deep understanding of technology, as well as excellent communication skills to effectively connect with people from various backgrounds.
  • Additionally, a Developer Relations Manager should be organized, detail-oriented, have a customer-first mindset when engaging with their developer audience.
  • Developing strategic plans to ensure effective relationships between developers and the organization
  • Identifying potential risks or concerns that developers may have and providing solutions
  • Building strong relationships with key influencers in the developer community
  • Representing the organization at technical conferences and events
  • Working collaboratively with product teams to ensure alignment between customer needs and organizational strategies
  • Conducting research on new technologies, trends, and best practices related to development
  • Facilitating workshops and training sessions for developers on new technologies/products
  • Responsible for creating content to support developer education initiatives.
  • Overall, a Developer Relations Manager should be knowledgeable of various programming languages and development tools.
  • He/she must also be an excellent communicator with exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • The most successful Developer Relations Managers are great networkers who are able to build relationships while providing excellent customer service.
How to Apply?
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