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  • ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPERS jobs in Brussels are generally considered to be highly sought-after positions.
  • To qualify for one of these roles, most companies require a combination of technical and personal skills.
  • From a technical standpoint, the ability to work with Angular is an absolute must. Knowledge of NodeJS and Express is also needed as well as experience with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases.
  • Understanding how to integrate these technologies into the frontend is key, so familiarity with HTML/CSS, SASS/LESS and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery is essential. Additionally, strong debugging skills are often required.
  • Aside from being technically proficient, ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPERS need to possess excellent communication skills, be detail-oriented, and have the ability to work well with people from various departments.
  • As a result, experience working in an Agile development environment is often highly beneficial.
  • The ideal candidate should also be able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in software development and be willing to take on challenges that come their way.
  • In summary, ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPERS jobs in Brussels require a combination of technical skills and personal attributes in order to qualify for one of these roles.
  • A solid understanding of Angular, NodeJS, Express and NoSQL databases is crucial along with experience integrating HTML/CSS frameworks into the frontend.
  • Moreover, strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate with others are also key considerations.
  • For those who have the right skillset and experience, these jobs can offer a great career opportunity in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.


  • ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPERS in Brussels are responsible for developing interactive web applications using a combination of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Angular.
  • Responsibilities include creating innovative components for complex projects, integrating existing systems with new technologies, testing and debugging code, optimizing performance and scalability, deploying applications to production environments and maintaining existing websites.
  • In addition to these technical skills, ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPERS must have excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • This position requires knowledge of Responsive Web Design (RWD) principles and the latest versions of web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX.
  • It is also expected that the ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPER can build and maintain high-quality software components that are reliable, secure, robust and meet customer expectations.
  • The ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPER must have the ability to troubleshoot web application issues, identify areas of improvement and suggest best practices.
  • They should also be able to work closely with other developers, QA Engineers and Product Owners to ensure successful delivery of projects.
  • Responsibilities may include designing new features and functionality, writing code for user interfaces, back-end services and databases as well as providing input on technical feasibility, scope and complexity of tasks.
  • Additionally, the ANGULAR FULL STACK DEVELOPER will need to be knowledgeable about all aspects of web development including testing frameworks such as Jasmine or Karma.
  • Lastly, they must stay up to date on the latest trends, technologies and best practices in software development.
  • 2900-5400 euro per hour is salary for the role as java developer in Brussels.
  • Full Time