Admissions Coordinator Jobs in Honolulu

Admissions Coordinator Jobs in Honolulu are a great way for those looking to work in the education field to gain experience and develop their skills. Located in Hawaii, an Admissions Coordinator will have the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds and assist them with their college applications. These jobs offer both a rewarding experience as well as competitive salaries.

Shriners Children’s:

Shriners Children’s is a healthcare system dedicated to providing quality medical care for children. The organization offers specialized care for both physical and emotional conditions, from orthopedic and burn treatments to mental health services. With over 22 locations in the United States, Shriners Children’s provides patients with access to comprehensive and compassionate care that focuses on family-centered support.


  • The qualifications for this job include a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field, with relevant experience preferred.
  • In addition, applicants must possess strong organizational skills including the ability to multitask, prioritize tasks effectively, and meet deadlines efficiently.
  • Strong computer literacy is also an essential requirement as they are expected to use various software programs like Microsoft Office Suite on a daily basis.
  • Applicants must demonstrate excellent customer service skills as they will be responsible for answering student inquiries regarding admissions criteria, application processes and enrollment requirements.


  • An admissions coordinator job is an important role for any college or university.
  • An admissions coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of recruitment, enrollment, and student success.
  • They work with prospective students to help them through the application process and assist in the transition from high school to college.
  • The responsibilities of an admissions coordinator include working with admission officers to evaluate applications, overseeing recruiting strategies, developing enrollment goals and plans, managing outreach activities, tracking yield rate data and measuring program effectiveness.
  • Additionally, they will manage financial aid processes and scholarships as well as coordinate campus visits for accepted students.
  • They must also collaborate with faculty members in order to ensure that incoming classes meet academic standards while still reflecting diversity on campus.
How to Apply:
  • The application process of these jobs is so easy.
  • You can apply for this job by clicking on company official website.