2nd Photographer Jobs in Calgary

If you’re looking to take your photography career to the next level, then 2nd Photographer Jobs in Calgary could be exactly what you are looking for. As a 2nd Photographer, you will support the Lead Photographer on assignments and provide additional coverage of events. You’ll get to work with experienced professionals who will teach you the ropes of professional photography and help you develop your skills. You’ll also get to explore Calgary and its beautiful scenery, which is the perfect backdrop for any photographic assignment. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or family gathering, you’ll get to capture some truly unique moments that you can be proud of.

JM Photography:

JM Photography is a professional photography studio based in New York City. JM Photography specializes in capturing life’s special moments with a personalized approach to every project. Our clients are always looking for unique and individualized photos that capture the emotion of any event or occasion, and JM Photography delivers just that. We understand that each photo has its own story to tell and JM Photography works with each individual to ensure their photos reflect the feeling and emotion of their special moment. We offer a wide range of services that include weddings, family portraits, engagement sessions, newborns, boudoir photographs, corporate headshots and much more. Our aim is to provide our clients with beautiful memories they can cherish for years to come. JM Photography’s commitment to excellence and customer service has earned us the reputation of being one of New York City’s top photography studios. Contact JM Photography today to capture your special moments with artistry, professionalism and perfection!


  • The Qualification of 2nd Photographer is a certification program designed to recognize professional photographers who have achieved excellence in their field.
  • The qualification is composed of two parts: an online test and an assessment interview with a qualified assessor.
  • In order to qualify, photographers must successfully complete the online test, which covers topics such as camera settings and techniques, composition and lighting, digital imaging software and workflows.
  • Once the online test is complete, photographers must then attend an interview with a qualified assessor to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in photography.
  • The Qualification of 2nd Photographer represents a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the field of photography.
  • Qualified photographers are expected to demonstrate technical proficiency, creative vision and a commitment to maintaining high standards of professional practice.
  • Qualified photographers can expect higher rates, recognition from their peers and the satisfaction that comes with having achieved excellence in their craft.


  • Capturing candid moments throughout the event or photoshoot, as well as taking additional posed shots from different angles to those taken by the primary photographer;
  • Setting up and packing up equipment;
  • Making sure there is enough lighting available, and adjusting it as needed;
  • Keeping an eye on the client or subjects to ensure they are comfortable and happy with their results;
  • Editing images after the shoot according to the primary photographer’s instructions;
  • Backing up images in case of any technical issues;
  • Assisting with the post-production process, such as retouching, color correction, etc..
  • A successful 2nd photographer should be able to take initiative and work well under pressure.
  • They must have excellent organizational skills and be detail oriented so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the shoot.
  • Additionally, they should be comfortable communicating with the primary photographer as well as with clients and subjects to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • With these skills, a 2nd photographer can help create a successful photoshoot experience.
  • $200–$400 a day is estimated salary for the role as 2nd Photographer.
  • Full-time, Fixed term contract
How to Apply: